The second in Jordan’s Legendary Lovers series keeps the reader well entertained. With her star-crossed lovers, the return of a few of her previous cast of characters, seduction, forgiveness and enough sensuality to spice things up, Jordan delivers a nicely crafted, poignant love story.

Lord Jack Wilde’s adopted sister, Katherine, and their cousin Skye believe that his romantic destiny lies with him being Romeo to Sophie Fortin’s Juliet. Amused by Kate’s belief about love and marriage, he finally agrees to meet Sophie. One kiss changes their lives forever. But because of the feud between their families, and Sophie’s duty to her family to marry well, she knows that nothing can come of their sudden passionate attraction. Jack’s plans for seduction almost come to an end when Sophie’s parents announce her betrothal to the elderly Duke of Dunmore. Jack must resort to drastic measures — including making a choice he vowed never to make. Will it result in a love that lasts forever? (BALLANTINE, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond