FBI agent Imogen Page left the agency to escape bureaucratic bungling and to care for her terminally ill brother, Sam. After Sam's death, Imogen doesn't know how she'll survive without him. Then, out of the blue, her former boss requests her assistance. It appears the Hide and Seek Killer may have struck yet again.

The killer always sends a collage with cryptic clues and then waits two weeks before sadistically killing his victim. Only Imogen has had any success in deciphering the collages, but in the last case, the FBI chose to ignore her findings and another person was killed. Imogen knows the clock is ticking and that this is a very personal dance between her and the killer. Loverboy, as he now wants to be known, has made this a duel to the death.

Jaffe's exploration into gut-wrenching evil that wears a false face makes this story creepy and chilling. She demonstrates deft flair for delivering unforgettable tales of romantic suspense. (Jun., 433 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith