It's tough to keep raising the bar in a series, but the phenomenal Ward manages to do just that! From book one, human ex-cop Butch O'Neal has seemed like the odd man out in her vampire brotherhood, but in this amazing novel he definitely comes into his own. The world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood continues to grow and become more layered, ramping up the tension, risk and passion. This is awesome stuff.

Despite being the only human fighting with the Brotherhood against the evil Lessers and their demonic leader, the Omega, Butch has never backed down. That fighting spirit places him in serious jeopardy when he attempts to save a civilian vampire on his own. Captured and tortured, Butch is infected with the Omega's evil.

As he lays dying, Butch is rescued by his best friend V, but it's the vampire female Marissa whose spirit brings him back to life. The question remains: What exactly is Butch? Has he suddenly developed deadly new skills to use against the Lessers? Is he in danger of falling to the dark side? (ONYX, Mar., 480 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith