With her phobia of elevators, Teresa isnt happy to discover that the mall escalator is out of service. All she wants to do is get home before her Aunt Hatch arrives. At first, Teresa is grateful to the handsome British man who joins her on the elevator, until he kidnaps her at gunpoint. Claiming she has seduced his father, the man says he will hold her for a few days and then let her go. Quick thinking by Teresa allows her to escape.

When Teresa gets home, courtesy of a ride from Billy Bob Crumpett, the bug exterminator, she finds that her house has been ransacked and shot up. Teresa and Billy Bob are getting drunk over their respective horrible days when Teresas erstwhile kidnapper Charles Everett arrives, as does a highly disapproving Aunt Hatch. Something is seriously wrong, but why is someone after Teresa?

Sexy Charles points out that the unknown parties must be after something that her recently deceased brother Frank left behind. Frank was a French professor who was working on a translation of Lafittes journals, but why would someone kill him over that?

Despite her growing attraction to Charles, Teresa just cant quite trust him. What is his true interest in this case?

Versatile author Eugenia Riley delivers a delicious romp for her newest endeavor. LOVERS AND OTHER LUNATICS is pure reading fun. (Apr., 393 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith