A new Shirlee Busbee book is always a special treat. One of the "Grande Dames" of romantic fiction, Ms. Busbee has given readers the gift of lush prose and superb storytelling for two decades and with LOVERS FOREVER, she brings us one more Busbee blockbuster.

Tess has no choice but to escape her lecherous cousin, riding through the night at breakneck speed until she encounters a band of brigands who steal her jewels and leave her without her memory.

Nicolas Talmage, The Earl of Shelbourne, is on his way to his country estate on a secret mission to expose a band of smugglers and a traitor to the King.

On the way he finds Tess working at a wayside inn and something unexplainable compels him toward her. Tess feels the powerful need to fall into his arms, as if she has waited for this man forever. Their one night of passion binds them together and when Tess refuses to become Nicolas' mistress, he abducts her, taking her to a cottage on his land.

As Nicolas searches for the outlaws, Tess occupies herself in the house, uncovering an ancient diary that holds the key to her memory and an old family feud. Haunted by another pair of lovers, a family tragedy and a dark mystery, Tess and Nicolas strive to find the love for which they are destined.

From the very first word, Shirlee Busbee envelopes you with her sumptuous, elegant prose, lifting you into a world where strong heroes and feisty heroines collide with diabolical villains. LOVERS FOREVER is a classic historical romance that reminds us of the genre's roots. SENSUAL (May, 406 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin