Image of The Lover's Knot


Image of The Lover's Knot

Inspired by Alfred Noyes' tragic poem "The Highwayman," THE LOVER'S KNOT is a tale of a love that spans the ages, severed neither by time nor death.

Mariah Summers finds the man of her dreams at The Inn of the Green Dragon. There's only one catch. He's a ghost. Andrew Domine has haunted the inn for centuries, searching for his love, Bess. Their joy is short-lived as the cycle of love and loss continues.

Mariah attempts to break the curse, leading Andrew to believe she's betrayed him. He curses her to a life without love, which leads Mariah to his modern-day ancestor, Andrew Clare; a financier with an appetite for whiskey and brothels. Himself betrayed, Andrew vows to never love again until Mariah brings hope into his life. As the pair tries to find love an enemy shows up, with an ages old score to settle.

As a child, my mother used to read "The Highwayman" to me every night. THE LOVER'S KNOT beautifully fills in the story behind Noyes' tale of the doomed lovers and brings them to modern times. Ms. Oliver has cleverly and masterfully intertwined the 18th-century characters into this spicy modern tale, giving credence to the battle of danger and mystery forced upon Mariah and Andrew Clare. (Apr., 349 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer