After surviving a near-fatal carjacking, investigative reporter Kendra Taylor takes time off to re-evaluate her life -- and her marriage. Her husband, Isaac, is consumed by his work, so Kendra's discontent takes her to a log cabin once occupied by the maternal grandmother Isaac never knew -- and lacks curiosity about.

But Isaac is drawn in when Kendra connects a quilt found wrapped around two skeletons in a nearby national park with a virtually identical quilt bequeathed to him by his grandmother. Could past events affect Isaac's future with Kendra?

Richards has a pure and clear narrative voice, and this is a dazzling display of her skill with plotting. It's rather like a prose representation of a quilt: Colors and textures are pieced together with precision, with hidden layers of meaning beneath. (Jul., 480 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer