It was a hot lead on a very cold case— a case P.I. Jake Montgomery never entirely gave up on. Six years ago, his close friend Richard Saunders died in an accident. In the eyes of Richard's wealthy parents, the tragedy of his loss was compounded by the sudden disappearance of Caroline Graham, the mother of Richard's newborn son. Over the years, the Saunderses have spared no expense attempting to track down the runaway mother and child.

Despite the passage of time, Carly Nolan (aka Caroline Graham) never feels entirely secure. For the last six years, she's stayed on the move in an attempt to keep her son, Christopher, safe. Twilight Cove, CA, has become home for them and with Christopher entering school, Carly would like to stay. When Jake sees a painting in a magazine, it soon leads him to Twilight Cove and Carly. He wonders if Carly really is Caroline Graham, and if she is, does Jake have the right to destroy her life? Jake decides to rent a house and observe her. Before too long, he is actively participating in Carly and Christopher's life.

With her first foray into contemporary novels, Jill Marie Landis utilizes all the power and emotion that has made her such a beloved storyteller. Her characters are compelling, believable and possess all those troubling human foibles. (Jun., 384 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith