A tarot card received in the mail with a time, date and place listed is all it takes to send Andrea Sullivan flying up to Quebec to meet with her old school chum. When Andrea arrives, she finds not her friend Yvonne Lombarde-Wells, but Yvonne's daughter, Sherri.

Andrea learns that Yvonne has recently passed away, and custody of Sherri has been given to Yvonne's fianc, wealthy businessman Conway Corriveau. Sherri is terrified of Conway, so she ran away and contacted Andrea.

Ex-cop Fletcher Doyle is performing a favor for a friend by tracking down Sherri for her guardian. He reluctantly begins to believe that Sherri could be right about Conway's evil supernatural powers. Andrea agrees to accompany Sherri and Conway to his isolated lodge in Michigan for the summer. Fletcher also manages to follow them and take up residence with his old friend, Archer Redson, on the nearby reservation.

Sherri firmly believes that Conway is really the creature known in French fairy tales as Le Drac, a ruby-eyed dragon that flies during moon dark. Andrea, the skeptic, begins to suspect that there is much more going on then meets the eye. One of Conway's most powerful weapons is his voice-its hypnotic quality can lull his victims and make them malleable. Andrea, Sherri and Fletcher must turn to the old legends if they are to find a way to defeat Le Drac. Time is running out, for Le Drac has plans for the ancient power that runs in Sherri's veins.

Jane Toombs pulls out all the stops and delivers her best book to date with this outstanding, original and gripping novel. Don't miss LOVER'S MOON. (Mar., 288 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith