Image of Lover's Talisman (Talisman Bay)


Image of Lover's Talisman (Talisman Bay)

No one knows what the five mortal men really do. Called the Shadow Walkers, they protect Talisman Bay from unimaginable horrors. But someone is waiting for them to make the one mistake that will leave them all vulnerable.

Stephen makes that mistake when he saves Mariah's life and falls in love with her. Now she is in danger and another woman is missing. As Stephen realizes that his love for her has jeopardized the Shadow Walkers and the woman he loves, he walks away from Mariah. But someone is waiting for the right moment to destroy them all.

Raine has written a dark, paranormal, erotic suspense story—one that will keep readers engrossed in the plot, characters and very hot sex scenes. (Jan., 288 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel