Four gifted authors have joined forces to entertain readers. Their stories revolve around the scary good times of Halloween, and the burning desire portrayed in each novella will last the whole year through. Each tale contains sizzling hot passion, intrigue and characters who will linger long after the witches brew is gone. They can be read one at a time, but it's highly recommended to gobble them up all at once. A fantastic foursome who have the ability to provoke naughty thoughts, ideas and dreams long after it's all over. Trick or treat, you decide.

Robert fans will squee with delight over her story of a woman who plans on luring her crush into living out her deepest desires in "Seducing Mr. Right." Will Danielle's secret plan at the Halloween party turn out to be a trick or treat for Grayson? In "Tempted by His Best Friend" by Quinn, readers will discover that kindergarten teachers know how to let their hair down when the temperature rises as Steph schools Landon, teaching him that friends can be lovers, too. Beck's novella, "Wicked Games," has Stacy bumping into her former beau Ian at a bash. Who will be the first to give in to the passion they've always shared? And, let's not forget Bailey's "Protecting What's Theirs," where Derek gets to flex his muscles for the woman he loves. Will Ginger give into temptation and admit they were meant for each other? (Entangled, Sep., 350 pp., dl $3.99)

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