There is nothing Christian or merciful about the bounty hunter, Christian Mercy, the man Callie Hobbs hires to track down her mothers killers. Callies been carrying a deep rage since the day a gang of outlaws raped and murdered her mother. She wont rest until the men responsible are dead.

Christian Mercy lost his soul the day his wife and daughter were killed. He believes he feels nothing, until Callie hires him and insists she travel with him to identify the murderers.

Their journey will take them far from Callies home, through dangerous territory, into outlaw hideouts, ambushes, gun battles, snake bites and hell itself.

But their journey is not just one of distance and adventure; it is also a journey of the heart. One that teaches Callie lessons in love, compassion and even forgiveness. The mission brings Christian face-to-face with his past and forces him to see that he can only find love again if he buries his hatred.

LOVES BOUNTY is a powerfully written adventure romance that sweeps through the West, drawing the reader into the story through vivid descriptions and harrowing adventures that come so fast you wont have time to catch their breath. However, Ms. Bittner has taken the time to create three-dimensional characters and an emotional storyline that will resonate within readers long after the end of LOVES BOUNTY. SENSUAL (May, 316 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin