Driven by the guilt she feels over her failure to make amends with her father before his death, Carissa becomes CJ Cartel, President of Cartel Enterprises. When Travis Edwards, owner of the latest company she is acquiring, has a heart attack during a confrontation in her office, she feels awful.

Nathan Edwards was a child when his father, Travis Edwards, deserted him and his mother. When he learns that his father is in the hospital, it is with mixed emotions that he goes to Atlanta to see him.

Carissa, meanwhile, feels responsible for Travis and informs the hospital staff that she is his fiancie. Believing the ruse, Nathan fights the attraction he feels.

Their romance develops when Carissa admits the truth, but she knows things will never be right until she comes clean about her part in Travis condition.

LOVES DECEPTION is a real page-turner. Amidst past betrayals and current lies, Nathan and Carissa learn to let the past go and follow their hearts. The characters were so wonderful that I hated for their story to end! (October, 250 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Debby Hays