When Mara's husband Todd is tragically killed, she is eight months pregnant and broke. Todd's best friend Brock, a wealthy rancher with oil holdings, offers to marry Mara and provide for her and the baby. Although she knows Brock isn't a practicing Christian, Mara is desperate and reluctantly accepts the offer.

After the baby is born, Mara moves into Brock's large home. She and her daughter have everything they need financially, but Mara cannot get past the feeling that the marriage is a betrayal of her love for Todd.

Palmer has created some interesting characters, but this take on the marriage of convenience plot offers nothing fresh. Mara's whiny, stubborn attitude is tiresome. However, Brock's faith journey is realistic and will touch readers‚ hearts. The beautifully described Texas setting showcases the author's talent for detailed scenery and ambience. (May, 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel