Photographer Jenny Langford has just finished repairing the camera she inherited from her great-grandfather, Tyler Dykes, and lamenting the fact that his murder was never solved when the black powder explodes while she is taking a picture. Jenny finds herself in a different room, in her great-grandfather's house, circa 1896, the masked murderer fleeing right past her.

Jenny reports the crime to Sheriff Wade Mack and soon meets her great-grandfather's best friend, Chad Jordan. Family stories made both Chad and Wade familiar to Jenny. But disturbingly both men fit the description of the killer who knocked her down during his escape.

Chad doesn't believe her lie that she is Ruth Dykes, Tyler's sister, and insists on staying close as long as she stays. Suspicious of one another, Chad and Jenny resist their intense attraction. There is also threat of the killer returning to search for something, which adds tension as the pair pack Tyler's belongings to send to his pregnant wife Janeen, who was visiting her mother.

The mystery fascinates, the romance captures reader interest and the tension sizzles. Ms. Alsobrook creatively presents and resolves everything, especially the time-travel aspects, in unique, reader-satisfying fashion.(July, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger