Image of Love's Journey Home (The Bliss Creek Amish)


Image of Love's Journey Home (The Bliss Creek Amish)

Irvin’s warmth and authenticity shines through in her latest novel. She brings back her heartwarming characters that reside in the Amish community of Bliss Creek. She touches on values that bind family and community together and the conflicts that arise when individuals rebel against them. Irvin’s knack for good storytelling makes this book a delight.

When widow Helen Crouch’s wayward son almost runs down widower Gabriel Gless’ young daughter, Helen and Gabriel’s first meeting occurs on a sour note. Both still mourn the loss of their beloved spouses, as does recent widow Annie Plank, now the single mother of a baby son. For Helen, Gabriel and Annie, the idea of a second chance at love seems impossible. However, when Gabriel’s oldest son Isaac walks into Anne’s bakery, her outlook changes. Even as Gabriel and Helen struggle to build their relationship, true love begins to surface. (HARVEST HOUSE, Feb., 352 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates