In 1892 London, Julia Westgard gains her freedom from a loveless marriage when her abusive husband has the decency to die. She casts off the old and downtrodden Julia by posing nude for a portrait to be viewed only by her and the artist. Then she re-enters society by co-hosting a charity auction in which her offering will be one of Morgan St. Claire's infamous hankies, a souvenir he gives to all his mistresses -- all she has to do is steal it from him.

Morgan fell in lust with the portrait of an unknown lady. When that lady shows up at one of his company's board meetings, he is astounded. Julia, dressed in proper lady's apparel, is nothing like the brazen beauty he's determined to seduce. When he finds her riffling in his dresser, he suggests they make a bet for the prized hankie -- if he wins, he gets Julia. Her frustration and fright when Morgan wins causes her to lead a now lovesick Morgan in a delightful game of cat and mouse.

Burns' excellent love scenes and bold romance will have readers clamoring for more. (dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith