Miss Jane Fellowes must clear her father of sedition charges that may send him to the gallows. He claims God will help him, but intellectual Jane requires proof that God even exists. She plans to investigate the contents of a mysterious box that has been in her family for generations— a box that contains papers written by their ancestor, Sir Isaac Newton.

Among them is his treatise on the existence of God. However, the box appears to have dangerous properties. Everyone who opens it either falls mad or deathly ill, including Jane's aunt, who has information that would clear her father's name. Desperate to see if the box contains an explanation for her aunt's malady, Jane seeks the assistance of brilliant scholar Thomas Norcross, but they are prevented from scientific investigation by the theft of the box.

The pair endanger their lives to recover the artifact and in the process discover that faith, like the love they now share, requires no proof. Palmer takes us on a fun romp through Regency England and tackles some tough issues along the way. (Jun., 400 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson