Sophie Hamilton will do whatever is necessary to avenge the wrong her father and sister reaped on the Earl of Devlyn, Quentin Blackwell. If she gets retribution for her sister's duplicity in stealing her fiancé, then all the better. But her bargain with the Devil of Devlyn—as the Earl is known—one of England's most notorious rakes, soon proves to be a battle of love.

Quentin is sick of the Hamilton family, but when the delectable Sophie shows up on his doorstep offering her help, he accepts it in exchange for her hand in marriage.

The marriage doesn't prevent Sophie's father from lashing out at her physically, nor does it stop her sister from trying to steal another man from her. The Devil of Devlyn has a devil of a time trying to convince his new bride that she is the only one he wants.

Burns explores the taboo of an older woman/younger man relationship in a scandal-mongering English society. The sex scenes are scorching, but the love between her hero and heroine is better. An excellent Regency tale of betrayal, revenge and love. (dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith