In one minute, Bud Pulaski ended his life and changed the lives of three women. Roya, his wife of twenty years, gave him two daughters, and provided the elegant image he needed to build his business. His death put her face to face with his mistress, and forced her to realize that her life had been a sham.

Kitt Cabrizzi was Buds mistress for thirty years; good enough to sleep with, but lacking the image he wanted. During their last tryst, Kitt insisted he leave Roya and marry her. Now her hopes are ruined, and someone will pay.

Daria Pulaski grew up in her brother Buds shadow. Nothing she did was good enough for her father. Shes always resented Roya, and the news that comes after Buds death only fuels her anger.

In the year that follows Buds death each woman is forced to deal with intense emotions and either grow or be destroyed by them. Ms. Lanigan masterfully deals with the many levels of grief and growth felt by her characters and tells an intensely gripping story. (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson