Charles Cassidy is a wanderer, but he understands his daughter's fondest desire for a real home and manages to buy a small Illinois farm to fulfill her dream. When Charles is killed by one of his horses, Katherine is left to manage the farm alone, fending off her greedy neighbor's advances.

Katherine is as plain as the sparrow-hawk her father had compared her to, and the odds against her surviving on the farm are much too great_until the arrival of Roan Devereaux.

Roan saved Charlie's life during the war and he's searched out Charlie's farm on the way home to the South. Roan is in need of a good horse for the trip, but when he finds Katherine with a dilapidated farm and a reduced herd, he's unable to leave her in such dire straits. Roan makes an arrangement with Katherine to work on the farm for a month before he heads home.

The plucky Katherine draws his admiration and his interest and when her neighbor attempts rape as a "persuasion," Roan decides the only safe place for Katherine is traveling with him, as his wife.

The feisty character of Katherine is a pure pleasure. This is one lady who deserves love, and Carolyn Davidson has created the idea man for her. Readers will enjoy this tender tale. SENSUAL (July, 378 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce