An omen indicates that she will die before the year is out. As her tragic end looms, Linsey Gordon vows to find someone to love and care for her shy, schoolmarm sister. But the only man Addy wants is Linseys worst enemy.

Dr. Daniel Sharpe is finally putting his life together after Linsey stole his dream with one of her pranks. Settling for what is left, he and his father care for the townsfolk. Not until Linsey nearly drowns does he realize what his life is missing.

Without realizing that her sister has changed her mind about Daniel, Linsey proceeds with her plans; each one is a disaster that has the town questioning her sanity. Then comes the day that sends both her and Daniel to new heights. When they touch the ground again, he unknowingly sends her into danger.

Unharmed, Linsey refuses to see the truth about her sister or her own true feelings for Daniel. Then an epidemic sweeps through town, coming dangerously close to proving Linseys prophecy. But superstition and coincidence are no match for true love.

LOVING LINSEY is a funny, bright romp into some of the more commonly held superstitions of our time. Vivid characters, even those who dance in the background, are well drawn, giving the story even greater depth. The best of romantic humor and mischief, LOVING LINSEY is a must read for the love and laughter crowd. SENSUAL (July, 371 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black