Image of Loving A Lost Lord (Lost Lords)


Image of Loving A Lost Lord (Lost Lords)

If you loved the Fallen Angels, you'll adore the Lost Lords: men who formed unbreakable bonds while at
a school for boys of "good birth and
bad behavior." Only the incomparable Putney could bring them to life and have readers yearning to be close to such dynamic heroes and the women who tame them.

Adam Darshan Lawford, the Duke of Ashton, is a misfit. The son of a British nobleman and an Indian woman, he is 10 years old when he's thrust into the role of duke. When one of his steamboats explodes he's presumed dead, but his friends will not rest until they have proof of his demise.

When her gambler father wins a North Cumberland estate, Mariah Clarke has the home she longs for, but his sudden death makes her a target for the estate's former owner, who attempts to force her into marriage. She invents an imaginary husband, only to find a handsome man washed ashore -- a man with no memory. She names him Adam, and when he awakens in her bed, he's quite sure he'd love to remember being her husband. Their relationship blossoms, and when Adam is found, he realizes his love for Mariah is too powerful to be forgotten. But before they can find happiness, they must uncover who is trying to kill Adam. (ZEBRA, Jul., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin