Image of Low Pressure


Image of Low Pressure

The fallout from a Memorial Day murder continues to haunt everyone involved, in the newest tale of romance and murder from suspense maven Brown. For this heroine, the search for the truth regarding her older sister’s murder shines a spotlight on dark areas with unexpected results. This is classic Brown, packing a story with plenty of romantic tension and chilling danger!

Eighteen years ago Susan Lyston was found strangled, but the case was complicated by the presence of a tornado ripping through the area at the same time. Eventually Allen Strickland was convicted of the killing, but Bellamy Lyston Price suspects the full truth was never known. She has written a bestselling fictionalized novel of the case, called Low Pressure. Because he was Susan’s boyfriend, pilot Dent Carter went through hell as a suspect during the investigation, so he is not thrilled with the new scrutiny. But he can’t deny the attraction starting to boil between him and Bellamy. All too quickly it becomes apparent someone is not happy with Bellamy’s endeavor and has their own murderous agenda. (GRAND CENTRAL, Sep., 480 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith