It always seems like ages between outings of J. D. Robbs unforgettable detective, Lieutenant Eve Dallas of New York Homicide, because the pleasures of such reading experiences are positively addictive.

This time Eve has her hands full with the emergence of Cassandra, a new terrorist group vowing to detsroy one landmark after another to sweep away a corrupt government and assume their natural right to rule the people. Well-heeled and utterly ruthless, the terrorist leadership has targeted Eve as their opponent in a deadly escalation of violence in which millions of lives could be at stake.

But who are these people, and under what guises have they permeated society? Is there a connection between their threats and the unremarked death of an explosives expert? And what does the killing of a toy company executive have to do with it all?

Once again Ms. Robb leads us at a dizzying pace down the garden path of heartstopping adventure and suspense while developing nuance after nuance in the relationship of her fascinating heroine and equally mesmerizing spouse. (Nov., 358 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer