Image of Lucan (Pendragon Legacy)


Image of Lucan (Pendragon Legacy)

Kearney's back and better than ever as she launches a thrilling new trilogy, the Pendragon Legacy, which combines the mythology of Camelot with extraterrestrial exploration. Exploring the Holy Grail mystery, combining it with shapeshifting legends and setting the action off-world makes these story elements feel both familiar and exotic. Hang on for a most excellent ride!

With the population of Earth doomed due to planet-wide infertility, archeologist and Avalon expert Lucan Rourke undertakes a secret mission to the planet of Pendragon. Lady Cael of Pendragon, a high priestess and dragon shapeshifter, is also part of the government project that's trying to find the Holy Grail believed to be hidden in Avalon.

Time is running out for the team to find a way through Avalon's energy barriers; the ground is collapsing beneath it. Lucan has managed to secretly infiltrate the project, and it is through his efforts that they make the first breakthrough. However, other forces are after the Grail, and they won't hesitate to kill to obtain it. (FOREVER, Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)
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Jill M. Smith