In order to unite two warring races, a forced marriage is arranged between Dark, the leader of the Wolfen Clans, and Lucavarious, the powerful and dangerous leader of the Vampesi. But not everyone wants peace, Lucavarious learns, as a plot to kill them both brings a killer dangerously close to his exotic and passionate Dark.

Dark is about to experience her first sexual mating with her promised mate, and Lucavarious is about to find his equal in erotic fantasy and power. Their passion shakes the very walls of the glowing orb in which they live, protected from the outside menace that threatens to keep them apart.

Fans of romantica will adore this Stephanie Burke story. These characters have that rare quality of passionate chemistry along with a witty sense of humor. Even the secondary characters are memorable and darkly fantastic! If you read for passion, romance and story, this one will win your heart! (dl $6.49)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel