Lucien Harrow is plagued by the music in his head. To combat his demons, Lucien acts out his emotional nightmares by living the life of the consummate rake.

Madeline only wants to tend her garden, not be introduced to country society. When she meets Lucien, Madeline is stunned by the power of freedom that he presents, but has second thoughts about this rogue who represents everything she abhors.

Lucien is bent on seduction and Madeline finds that the more she gets to know Lucien, the more she admires him. These two cannot control the passion that flows between them and are soon found in a compromising situation.

Madeline's mother does not feel Lucien is a proper suitor for her daughter. Madeline will not marry without love and Lucien is miserable. Finally it is Madeline's love for her mother, who carries a dark secret, that makes their marriage possible.

Barbara Samuel's excellent character portrayals allow us an intimate picture of the tortures that haunt Lucien, Madeline and her mother. While the plot is nothing new, these character studies serve to move this romance to its passionate conclusion. SENSUAL (Sept., 306 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner