Though readers new to the author's universe may stumble at first, dedication to the book pays off, and most gaps are filled in before the story kicks into high gear. Those looking for an erotica-heavy story will find the pickings slim, but those who want suspense and thrilling action -- some of the erotic variety -- will find satisfaction.

Lucinda, warrior princess and demon dead, has just returned to her territory in the land of the living with new powers, thanks to the unusual and unexpected double-bonding event that forged an intimate connection between her, a Monere warrior and a hell demon. Before she can grasp what's happened, she's kidnapped by the demon lord Derek, sapped of her strength and taken to a desolate land on the outskirts of hell. The path to her escape will be treacherous, and not without a few surprises. (BERKLEY, Oct., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener