Image of Lucinda, Darkly: The Demon Princess Chronicles


Image of Lucinda, Darkly: The Demon Princess Chronicles

Once again Sunny has created an awesome story populated with endearing and sexy characters. This unabashedly sensual gothic story will feed your need for something new and fresh. Readers will be loath to put the book down until the final page is read. It's nice to see Lucinda, from previous titles, receive her own story and witness her growth. The ending will leave you hungry for more. This title is the first book in Sunny's Demon Princess Chronicles.

Lucinda has suffered for centuries as the daughter of the High Lord of Hell. She rules nothing and seems to exist for the same thing -- nothing. One night she saves a Monere warrior named Stefan and his half-blood companion from sure death, and the desire she feels for this man is beyond her understanding. She once was part of his world, and when he offers his services as a warrior, she is drawn back into the sensual world of the Monere. This, of course, puts her at odds with the life of the undead. Will she be able to exist in both worlds, or will she be destroyed by her desires? (Berkley, Aug., 288 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers