Image of The Luckiest Lady in London


Image of The Luckiest Lady in London

homas continues to be a refreshing voice in the genre with her lively plots, witty dialogue and intelligent characters. With The Luckiest Lady in London, she compels readers to think, feel, laugh — and, ultimately, heave a deep sigh of satisfaction. We are the luckiest readers to have the opport-unity to savor her short, quick and sparkling tale.

Louisa Cantwell vowed to always care for her sisters. She must marry well and sets out for her Season to catch a rich husband. When Louisa meets Felix Rivendale, dubbed society’s Ideal Gentleman, she cannot believe he would pay attention to her. Though he has sworn off marriage until he is much older, Felix realizes Louisa isn’t an ordinary young woman and presents a challenge. To everyone else, Felix is a paragon of virtue yet Louisa brings out the scoundrel in him. He does his best to push away her possible suitors. At the end of the Season, he is the only one who offers for her and she accepts. Felix is a good, kind and loving husband, but Louisa fears uttering the words “I love you.” What will it take for her to completely surrender her heart? (BERKLEY, Nov., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin