Parker Prescott is a long way from New York City; stranded in Canyon City, Wyoming, for the winter on his way to the California gold fields. The two delicately beautiful blondes he meets, Season and Mary Beth Hanks, will make the winter much more appealing, but their older sister, Molly, sends Parker on his way with a buffalo gun.

Unfortunately for Parker, he learns the only work available is at the Hanks' ranch, Lucky Stars, since the other cowboys refuse to work for a woman.

Parker's thrown from his horse on the way to the ranch to ask for a job and when Molly finds him he's nearly frozen. She battles for his life against frostbite and is thrilled at his recovery, until she realizes that she has another problem; her sister Susannah has decided Parker Prescott is the man she wants.

Molly is also attracted to Parker, but she knows she doesn't compare to Susannah and all her energies go into preserving the family ranch.

Ana Seymour gives her hero a challenge, finding the woman hidden in Molly Hanks. But Parker Prescott is more than equal to the task and LUCKY BRIDE is a bit of good fortune for the reader. SENSUAL (Jan., 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce