Image of Lucky Charm (Lucky Trilogy)


Image of Lucky Charm (Lucky Trilogy)

In this launch of a new trilogy, Phillips does what she does best: deliver stories that are light but not silly, with believable characters and plots that flow into satisfying stories. Fans will be stalking stores to get all three of these.

Even though Derek and Gabrielle were crazy about each other all through high school, he broke up with her to try to protect her from the Corwin Curse, which has followed the men in his family since the Salem witch trial days. The witch decreed that any Corwin who fell in love would lose his woman and his fortune, and so it has been through the generations. Derek went on to marry a woman he was not in love with, but that marriage failed, and so did his business. The only thing good to come out of the mess was his wonderful daughter, Holly, with whom he gets much too little time.

Gabrielle, on the other hand, buried her broken heart in work and has become a successful writer -- debunking myths and curses. Now she's back in town and not letting some old legend get away with her man a second time. (HQN, Oct., 384 pp., $7.99)
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Bunny Callahan