Image of Lucky Penny


Image of Lucky Penny

Anderson returns to her historical roots with a stirring, beautifully rendered story of the power of family, love and trust. Her knack for creating real stories turns her books into “keepers” and her readers into the kind of fans who will eagerly await her next book.

Brianna O’Keefe leaves the east coast for Colorado with her niece, finding work on a ranch. She claims she’s married to a gold miner in Denver named David Paxton to ward off unwanted attention. When her employer remarries he tells her to locate her husband and leave. Imagine her surprise when the “real” David Paxton shows up. David wonders if he bedded Brianna on a drunken spree and abandoned her and his unborn child: the little girl does have the Paxton birthmark. Warily Brianna and David build a relationship that grows into passion and they both find the thought of a real family enticing. But the secrets of their pasts and the truth of the present may present trouble for the future. (SIGNET, Feb., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin