Leon McCoy is down on his luck when he wanders into the Lucky Lady Saloon. Things aren't all bad for him when he spies a willing woman in the corner.

Miss Marjorie Bascom is neither loose nor willing. The town's schoolmarm is looking for a man...a temporary husband to help her claim the land she has dreamed of owning. Leon is her best prospect.

Marjorie will do anything to coerce the reluctant but randy Mr. McCoy into taking vows, including compromising herself into an almost shotgun wedding.

Once the deed is done and Leon's injured foot makes it impossible for him to run off, Marjorie finds she has more than a temporary spouse. Leon's kisses do wondrous things to her body and soul. And that's before she ends up sharing his bed!

Leon is a drifting man whose dreams of a home and family died years ago. But a small glimmer of hope persists as he begins living as Marjorie's husband, a glimmer that soon flares into love.

Patricia Roy's debut novel is an Americana romance with a touch of grit and mystery that make it a stand-out. SENSUAL (June, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin