Jane Heller is back and dishing out the humor and irony fast and furiously. While at its heart LUCKY STARS is a mother-daughter story, the tale also brims with romance, intrigue and loads of laughter.

Actress Stacey Reiser loves her mother, but can only take her in small doses. For years, widow Helen Reiser has made Stacey's health and happiness her major priorities, thereby driving Stacey nuts.

It was bad enough when Stacey lived in Hollywood and Helen lived in Cleveland, but now her busybody Mom packs up and moves west. Stacey knows she is in deep trouble.

Stacey has been making slow but steady progress in her acting career. She hopes that her latest role in the new Jim Carrey movie will be her launching pad. It is, but not in the way she'd hoped: The movie tanks and Stacey is savaged by Jack Rawlin, the critic and host of "Good Morning, Hollywood."

Wouldn't you know that a bizarre twist of fate is about to hand Helen the career Stacey has always dreamed about. When Helen confronts Fin's Tuna company about a bone found in a can, the company is so impressed that they hire Helen for a commercial. Suddenly grouchy, tell-it-like-it-is Helen is the toast of the media world. Everyone, even Oprah, wants to talk with Helen.

Now it's Stacey's turn to worry that her mother is getting in over her head. Only in Hollywood!

(Apr., 320 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith