Image of Lucky Stiff (Lucky O'Toole Las Vegas Adventures)


Image of Lucky Stiff (Lucky O'Toole Las Vegas Adventures)

This wonderfully funny and entertaining mystery stars Lucky O’Toole, head of customer relations at a Las Vegas resort. Readers who like cozy mysteries with a lot of sass, great dialogue and a plot that flies will love this.

During a typically crazy night at the Babylon, Numbers Neidermeyer, one of the Strip’s infamous oddsmakers, argues with a private detective, Jeremy Whitlock. The next morning, the oddsmaker’s dead body is found in the shark tank at another hotel. Jeremy is the main suspect — and also the boyfriend of Lucky’s assistant. But that’s just the beginning. There is a major prizefight at the resort, Lucky’s madam mother is auctioning off a virgin and her father has hired a temperamental, crazed new chef. One way or another all this requires Lucky’s help to sort out. (FORGE, Feb., 368 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor