Ryan’s second installment in her Hunted series is a powerfully suspenseful read, juxtaposing a wounded but spirited heroine with two relentless, unsettlingly calculating villains. Though some of the dialogue and exposition feels heavyhanded, the connection between the two leads is stronger than speech and touchingly palpable. The secondary characters provide a great deal of insight into the world of the story, and a touch of the mysterious in the form of a psychic tipster provides interesting flair.

When Special Agent Sam Turner’s current investigation puts him in the path of a serial killer known as Silver Fox, Sam’s luck seems to have run out — until the lovely Elizabeth Hamilton risks everything to save him. Elizabeth thought she had enough to worry about with her disturbingly persistent ex-boyfriend, but as the only person who can identify the Silver Fox, her life is now in constant danger. Sam will do anything to keep Elizabeth safe, but to catch the Silver Fox, they are both going to have to find the strength to face their darkest fears. (AVONROMANCE.COM, dl $1.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown