Image of The Lucy Variations


Image of The Lucy Variations

This coming-of-age story rings true. From family pressure to internal conflict, Zarr runs Lucy through the gauntlet Teens will sympathize as Lucy struggles to balance her love for her family with her growing independence. Zarr deftly and effectively tackles the inappropriately expressed hero worship that Lucy feels toward the older men in her life.

Eight months ago Lucy turned her back on everything her family stood for. When her grandmother died, Lucy’s music died, too. Although she was an accomplished concert pianist, she’d long since lost the joy music gave her. Competitions and concerts sucked away her social life, her freedom and her identity. Now, she’s attending high school for the first time. She hangs out with her friends, supports her brother’s career and faces the disappointment of her grandfather. When her brother’s new piano teacher inspires her to begin playing again — just for herself — the future is full of possibilities, if Lucy has the courage to grasp them. (LITTLE, BROWN, May, 304 pp., $18.00, ISBN: 9780316205016, HC, 12 & Up)
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Raven Haller