In 2187, mutant Earthlings rose up against the army of the Earth's Federation and destroyed most of civilization. To stop the spread of the mutant genes, the Federation rulers established planned breeding, but not everyone accepted the repressive rules. The planet Luna Ten is a refuge at the end of the galaxy where humans can escape the rules.

Guy Stone, in "Cassiopeia," crashed his starship, has been resurrected as part man/part cyborg and is totally unable to return to Earth by Federation rules. He will go to Luna Ten, but first he's looking for his soul mate. He finds Cassie, but she thinks he's a sexbot, unable to return home with her no matter how she feels about him. In "Shedir," a man on an Earth breeder farm receives greetings from Luna Ten and his old squadron mate Guy Stone. In "Nebula," Conan broke the rules to save his brother. To retaliate, the Federation had him castrated. Now he's an exile and part cyborg. Where can he find happiness?

With her usual excellent writing skills and sensual imagination, Jacobs has produced another winner. This is a fun, sexy read. (dl $3.49)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor