Image of The Lure of Song and Magic


Image of The Lure of Song and Magic

The descendants of the Malcolms have been brought to the present with a truly terrific story. Even if you have never met a Malcolm before, you will be enthralled by this tale. Rice brings you great characters, a dynamite plot and plenty of magic and she accomplishes the whole thing without a shoot-out. Don’t miss it.

Dylan “Oz” Ozwin may be a big L.A. producer, but he hasn’t been able to find his kidnapped son, despite a year of frantic searching. Most people tell him to mourn his lost child, but Oz will not give up. Now an anonymous email has him hunting for a failed child singing sensation named Syrene who might hold a clue. He finds her, but Syrene is no more. She has become Phillipa James, reclusive children’s author, and has vowed never to sing again. Pippa, as she is known, is sympathetic to Oz, but he does not realize the havoc that her voice can produce. While she has been practicing control over the years, her power over her voice is still very imperfect. The chemistry between the two is immediate and electric, but perhaps even more importantly, Oz is immune to her talent. Finally Pippa can just talk to someone without suppressing joy or anger; Oz will remain himself. Will this enable Pippa to leave her aerie? Everyone else she meets falls under her spell. She certainly cannot be part of Oz’s L.A. life, but can she save a little boy? Is the child even alive? (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan