Image of The Lure of the Wolf (The Shadowmen, Book 2)


Image of The Lure of the Wolf (The Shadowmen, Book 2)

Book two of St. Giles' powerful Shadowmen series demonstrates how duty can turn into a dangerous obsession and lead to unexpected consequences. Raw emotions give way to
desperate choices, which adds up to breathless reading pleasure!

Errors in judgment have made Aragon, the former leader of the Shadowmen, abandon his brethren and set off on a personal quest to destroy former mentor turned evil genius Pathos. Aragon's actions will doom him for all eternity, but he's determined to proceed.

Dr. Annette Batista has had her world turned upside down, first by the disappearance of her sister, and then when she discovers the horrific work of Dr. Cinatas, who's involved with feeding vampires. Annette finds Aragon's discarded Logos amulet, which connects her to the shapeshifting warrior. Destiny and common goals bring these star-crossed lovers together, but will honor and duty tear them apart? (POCKET, Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith