This is a completely unusual paranormal tale. Bordering on the macabre, the majority of the characters in the novella are reanimated corpses that have found new lives thanks to advances in science. But don’t let the premise scare you. Josie and Bane are human in all the ways that count with wishes and hopes and dreams that neither think will come true — until they meet each other. Those looking for a dark, spicy and different sort of paranormal tale will not want to miss this!

Bane Connor has first-hand knowledge of how reanimated corpses, known as “steins”, can be controlled remotely. Bane doesn’t want anyone else to experience this lack of control, so for the past several years he has worked for the Zombie Underground, a group dedicated to freeing steins. Bane has one last job before he gets a full brain wipe that will erase his bad memories — he is sent to rescue Josie, a newly created stein, who has been programmed to act as her creator’s bride. Josie may be new to her undead life, but she already knows that she cannot abide being controlled by the evil Doctor Friedman. Josie readily accepts Bane’s help, but that is before she knows this will mean she must connect to Bane’s mental network in order to stay animated. Josie also requires that the couple must be in constant intimate contact. Although Bane doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation, he definitely wants the beautiful, yet innocent Josie. However, with both of them slated for "rehabilitation", what will happen to their relationship that will literally be erased in only a few short days? (ELLORA’S CAVE, July 2011, dl., $8.90)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne