"Lust & Vamp", the second novella in Joyee Flynn's Anything Goes series, has an interesting premise. Unfortunately, the story relies too much on plot from the first book that goes unexplained in the second. Repetitive dialogue and shallow character building that leaves readers with no reason to care about what happens to these characters. Melodramatic plot twists happen far too frequently in this short read, giving the plot an over-the-top feel that's just too much for even a paranormal fantasy. Flynn's characters often contradict themselves, further undermining the plot. A love scene during which one of the participants relays details of his rape at the hands of his captors is especially off-putting.

Lust demon and sex club owner Temp rescues vampire stripper Reid from captivity at the hands of half-demons. Temp is surprised that after saving Reid's life, the two are permanently mated. Reid goes to work as a dancer at the club Temp co-owns as the two figure out their newly mated status and work through Reid's trauma after his kidnapping and abuse at the hands of his captors. (SIREN PUBLISHING, Aug., dl., $5.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo