Leah Travers is living every womans worst nightmare: she witnessed the terrible accident that killed her husband and only son. But Leah is determined to go on with her life and to break free of her overprotective parents. The perpetrator, an unrepentant drunk, is convicted but this does not ease her grief. She insists on seeing the home of the convicted mans family. When Leah swerves her car to avoid hitting a little girl who has darted into the street, Jacobo Martinez comes to her rescue.

Jacobo recognizes the young widow, for it was his brother-in-law who killed Leahs husband. As Leah leans on him for support, Jacobo fears that their relationship will be forever marred as a result of their tragic past.

THE LIVING STONE is sensitively written, handling heart-wrenching emotion and hard questions. Jane Orcutt has created a poignant love story, one which will leave the reader teary-eyed. (Sep., 352 pp., $10.95)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair