When Donovan Cole meets Sarah Parker, he doubts his sanity. He knew Sarah by the name Lydia Taggert, but she died in a fire in Richmond. How can she be in Miner's Gulch, Colorado?

As soon as Donovan discovers that Sarah/Lydia had been a Yankee spy during the Civil War and may be responsible for his brother's death, he gives her an ultimatum: get out of town or he will reveal her true identity to a mostly Confederate community.

Sarah refuses to leave, feeling she has made a home for herself in Miner's Gulch using her medical and teaching skills. After running all her life, she intends to stand firm.

Donovan and Sarah discover their former passionate emotions have not faded. So when the townspeople turn ugly about Sarah's past, planning to tar and feather her, Donovan comes to the rescue.

Elizabeth Lane's LYDIA, a romance of past mistakes and old hatreds, demonstrates how trust can bury the past and allow love to grow. This heart-warming story will be enjoyed by many. SENSUAL (Jan., 299 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner