The first of the Chattan Curse series explores the power of love and second chances with deft prose and strong emotions. A consummate storyteller, Maxwell creates living, breathing characters who fight for love, freedom and independence with a passion modern readers can understand.

Lord Lyon is one of England’s most eligible bachelors, but he is cursed. Any Chattan male who falls in love is doomed to die young, and he’s determined to live a long life. But when it becomes clear he must wed, Lyon employs celebrated matchmaker Thea Martin to find his bride. Once Thea believed Lyon loved her; then, he disappeared from her life. Now, as a widow, she must make enough money to support her two young sons. Finding Lyon a bride will make her a rich woman — if she can find a woman he can’t love. But their youthful passion still simmers between them. How can Thea help Lyon find a bride when they’re falling in love? (AVON, May, 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin