After years of self-imposed exile, Jason Sherbrooke is leaving Baltimore to return home to England. Jason still bears emotional and physical scars from his lover's betrayal and has sworn off women and marriage. His only dream is to buy Lyon's Gate, a once-famous stud farm, and start breeding racehorses. The only fly in the ointment is Hallie Carrick.

English by birth but raised in America, Hallie is bold, outspoken and ready to buy Lyon's Gate when she meets Jason. They strike sparks off one another from the beginning, and things only get worse when they discover they are co-owners of the property and will either have to live together or forfeit their half.

Coulter fans won't find it hard to imagine the humorous repartee between them or the sizzling sexual tension that burns up the pages—just wait until Hallie encounters the sculpture garden!

But the sheer delight of this book is being able to revisit the Sherbrooke family and watch how the audacious Hallie heals Jason's wounds. There's a lot of laughter-tinged tears, and just enough tears to make you happy you stayed up all night to finish it. SENSUAL (Aug., 448 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin