Granted a fiefdom in Scotland by King David, Piers de Montgomerie, AKA Lyon, is in for the time of his life. His mission is to bring peace to the Highlands, but when clan Brodie steals his goat, he is left with little recourse but to steal two of their sheep. Thus the fun, um...make that the feud, begins.

Taught the healing arts by her grandmother, Meghan Brodie is not your ordinary lass. Folks believe her to be a bit mad. When Lyon spies a young maiden strolling along talking to her lamb, he confronts her and she tells him it's no lamb, but her grandmother.

Never has a woman affected Lyon the way Meghan does. Transfixed, Lyon comes up with the perfect plan to end the feud. He carries Meghan away to his castle, announcing that he will wed her.

Meghan believes that if she can convince Lyon she is completely mad he will change his mind and let her go. Thus she continues the charade and Lyon, amused by her game, pretends to go along with her outlandish belief that the lamb is her kinswoman.

As time goes by, Lyon begins to win Meghan's trust and her heart. Alas, Meghan fears he will no longer love her when her beauty fades. So with a little help from a friend, she decides to test Lyon's love. Meanwhile, her brothers are determined to rescue her from the outlander who dares trespass in the Highlands.

Storyteller extraordinaire Ms. Crosby continues to mesmerize readers with soul stirring tales that capture the essence of humanity. Brilliantly evoking the majestic beauty and passion of the Highlands and brimming with characters who leap off the pages and into your heart, LYON'S GIFT is a memorable treasure to be savored, a humorous, enchanting tale that will make your heart soar. SENSUAL (June, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox