Rose Doeber, a pediatric neurologist at Chicago General Hospital, is finally close to adopting a son. Her No. 1 priority is keeping Dylan out of the public eye until his father, a felon incarcerated at Fulsom Prison, signs the adoption papers. But her plans hit a snag when famous playboy Brendan MacDougal decides that Dylan would be the perfect poster child for the MacDougal Foundation and the hospital's new pediatric wing. Brendan sets out to persuade "Dr. Doeberman" that involvement with the project will be good for Dylan and that the doctor herself might be an excellent spokesperson. But wooing Rose on such ideas—never mind matters of the heart—is a hard sell. MACDOUGAL MEETS HIS MATCH (4) by Leah Vale gets kudos for its sexy hero and solid writing. Initially Rose's character is a little uptight, but we see her come around.

Reviewed by: 
Kimberley Harvey